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Keep your activewear looking great and performing as hard as you do.

Steven Hutchinson

Your expensive activewear helps you perform at your best and look good while you're doing it. Unfortunately, all that exercise results in sweat, dead skin cells, and oils from your body that are absorbed by the fabric causing them to stink and irritate your skin. But you can't just wash the high-performance fabrics with ordinary laundry products. These contain sodium laurel sulfate (SLS), dyes, and chlorine bleach, which weaken the fibers, destroy the wicking and anti-bacterial capabilities, and dull the colors. These products not only don't remove the bacteria and odors, they make matters worse by coating the fabric and trapping scum in the fibers--even after you wash, the odor-causing bacteria remains. 

The all-natural truSheet not only safely cleans your activewear so that it maintains its beauty and wicking and antibacterial capabilities, but the it also continuously treats the garments with every wash to prevent bacteria and odors.

Pre-treat any stains by rubbing with the truSheet, toss it all into the washer along with the truSheet, and then transfer everything into the dryer and dry on low temperature. Perform at your best and look and smell good doing it.