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Why are softeners so bad for your laundry, especially your activewear?

Steven Hutchinson

Who doesn't love laundry to come out of the dryer smelling Spring fresh and soft as a baby bunny? This must mean everything is clean, right? Unfortunately, ordinary laundry detergents and softeners make matters worse. These traditional laundry products add a coating of fragrance and softening agents to the fabrics that clog the threads and trap the odor-causing bacteria.

Chemical softeners are designed to affect the clothing by making the threads "stand up" and feel softer. The fabric may feel softer but it comes at the expense of losing UV protection and anti bacterial capabilities. The industry calls this a “sour wash” because of the acidic additives. The acids soften the water but are dangerous to people, pets, and the environment.
Instead of modifying the fabric, truSheet uses vitamin B-12 to naturally soften your clothes by removing from the water the harmful iron and other minerals. This also changes the ionic charge of the water, which controls static. Since the sheet maintains an even stronger ionic charge, it continues to control static as you transfer it to the dryer with your laundry.