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Spring into Spring for a Beautiful Yard all Year!

Steven Hutchinson

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truSpring lawn care.jpg

Spring clean.

Rake up leaves and debris (but wait until the ground is dry to avoid making the ground uneven).

truSpring aeration.jpg

Aerate to liberate.

If you live in the south or southwest, increase absorption and percolation by treating your soil with exiGrow to liberate the hardened mineral salts. If you have more acidic soil, consider traditional core aeration.

truSpring lawn care dandelions.jpg

Get them before they get you.

Prevent weeds by applying a pre-emergent herbicide (you’ll want to reapply in about 3 months).

truSpring lawn care fertilize.jpeg

Feed the beast.

Apply slow-release fertilizers every 6-8 weeks beginning in late spring when the soil temperature is above 55°. Consider 20-5-10 (20% nitrogen, 5% phosphate, 10% potassium), but check with your local garden center for the proper mix for your area and grass type.

truSpring lawn care seed.jpg

Seed the bald spots.

Check with your local garden center for the best seed to fill in those bare areas. Hard rake the area to loosen the soil, evenly spread the seed, cover with hay to prevent wind or creatures disturbing the seeds and new sprouts, and water daily for at least a week.

truSpring lawn care mowing.jpeg

Just a bit off the top.

Give your lawn a trim — but only the top 1/3.

woman relaxing in yard ORIGINAL.jpg

Relax and Enjoy

Follow these steps as you enter spring to create a healthy, green lawn you can enjoy the rest of the year.