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truSpring exGrow has the power of 0pH acid but is certified 100% safe for people, pets, plants, and the planet. Only harsh sulfuric acid is comparable, which has always been used in agriculture, but which is dangerous for you and would kill your plants if exposed directly.


News report about truSpring exiGrow naturally-powerful soil softener
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Thousands of awesome reviews

Thousands of awesome reviews

"One application 4 weeks ago today. Greenest lawn in the neighborhood.” - David, CO
One application 4 weeks ago today. Greenest lawn in the neighborhood.
— David, CO


Combat the constant buildup of mineral salts with monthly applications during your growing season. Each 32oz bottle treats about 16,000 sqft or the average size yard (5,000sf) 3 times. You should see improvement in color and/or coverage within 2-4 applications over 1-2 months.

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All healthy soil should be composed of about 5% organic material. Humic Organic Pellets (HOP) is the best and easiest way to increase essential microorganisms in your soil. And if you have clay or sandy soil, HOP is especially beneficial for increasing retention in sand and absorption in clay. Apply after an application of exiGrow to help it penetrate your soil.

Ortho reusable multi-use sprayer
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Use this Ortho brand hose-end sprayer that allows you to set the dosage and doesn’t require mixing. Great for all your lawn and garden products and washing the dog, car, etc.

Meter for Moisture, pH, & Sunlight
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A soil meter will help you see how truSpring Grow is helping to reduce mineral salt blockage, manage pH (grass generally grows best at 6.5pH), and increase water penetration. 

50' heavy-duty expandable hose
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This light-weight, heavy-duty hose expands from 17’ to 50’ and makes applying lawn and garden products, washing the car, etc. super easy. 100% guaranteed.


How exiGrow works

How it works

exiGrow breaks up hardened minerals and softens clay that block water, air, and nutrients essential for strong, healthy roots.

Solves common problems

- Patchy lawn

- Dry sections--especially on slopes

- Water pooling or running down gutters

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No more messy aeration

Avoid the expense and hassle of mechanical aeration, which is messy, damages roots, doesn't solubilize essential minerals, or improve soil pH.

exiGrow saves on lawn care costs


Commercial clients report reducing water use up to 40% and fertilizer use up to 70% since more of both get absorbed into the soil rather than running down the gutter.

"I saved over $265 by not wasting water and fertilizer after using exiGrow." - Kim, TN

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Certified Safe

for plants, pets, people, and the planet.

All-natural ingredients: 27% Palm Methyl Esters, 5% Coconut Oil Fatty Acids, and 68% inert ingredients.

What's the secret sauce?

ExiGrow contains the proprietary active ingredient Syntech, a patented acid replacement technology that has the power of 0pH but is 100% safe.

The other ingredients include natural wetting agents that help to spread the solution and water through the blocked soil.


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Simple to apply

Just spray on your lawn and garden each month during your growing season by using a standard hose-end sprayer.


Used by the pros

Same patented advanced technology used by professional groundskeepers since 2006.

Vital to how I keep my turf healthy.
— Lance Larson, Wasatch Park Golf, UT
This is a staple in the golf industry.
— Monica Cooper, CGCS Smyrna Golf, TN

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I apply exiGrow?

  1. Pour exiGrow super concentrate into a hose-end sprayer with a variable dosage dial (similar to the Ortho Dial ‘N Spray).

  2. Lightly spray on troubled lawn and gardens (each ounce of concentrate should treat up to 500 sqft). Avoid applying during the hot time of day.

  3. Immediately apply just water for about 1 minute - long enough to soak the solution in but not dilute potency.

  4. Do two applications in consecutive weeks in the first month followed by monthly applications during your growing season (when you’re still watering).

Do I still need to aerate?

No! ExiGrow replaces and enhances aeration. No more hours pushing a gigantic machine under the hot sun. Simply attach exiGrow to your hose and spray!

How long has exiGrow been used for soil treatment?

Professional groundskeepers for PGA-level golf courses and major sports stadiums have been using the exiGrow solution since 2006 (our commercial version is called Eximo). In fact, the PGA-owned golf, Valhalla Golf Club, uses and recommends it in its groundskeeper training program.

Will I still need to water and add fertilizer to my lawn?

Not as much or as often! ExiGrow allows all the nutrients your grass needs to get down to the roots, maximizing the effects of water and fertilizer.

Is exiGrow Safe?

The patented all-natural solution is free of harmful chemicals, is 100% biodegradable in 10 days, and is certified safe for people, pets, the planet, and, of course, your plants by Cleangredients, Green Circle, and has an HMIS (Hazardous Material Identification System) rating of triple 0 (no hazard). 

If I use my own sprayer, what dosage setting do I use?

You can pour exiGrow into any standard lawn and garden sprayer with adjustable dosage and set the dosage to 1oz per gallon depending on the condition of your soil. If you’re using a tank sprayer, you can pre-mix the concentrate in the tank at the dosage of 150:1.

Is exiGrow safe for my food gardens?

exiGrow is definitely safe for your lawn and food gardens. The ingredients are 27% Palm Methyl Esters, 5% Coconut Oil Fatty Acids, and 68% inert ingredients, which includes our patented technology we call Terranex. It is certified HMIS triple 0--no danger to health, flammability, or physical contact--and is 100% biodegradable within 10 days. Farmers have been using our solution for many years.

Is ExiGrow safe to use on St. Augustine grass?  Also, can I still use a weed control product when necessary?

exiGrow is completely safe to use on all types of plants. You should continue to use weed control and fertilizers as usual; however, exiGrow will boost the benefit of fertilizers up to 70% and cut water usage up to 40% because of the more porous soil. 

Have any third-party studies been performed?

Absolutely! In addition to our hundreds of commercial customers vetting the solution, they have commissioned many studies for efficacy and safety. Click here for a sampling and more information regarding our active ingredient Syntech.

How does exiGrow work?

The main active ingredient called Syntech is a patented natural acid replacement. The chemistry of how this loosens your soil is pretty basic. Hardened alkaline mineral salts compact your soil and block the water, air, and nutrients. exiGrow safely solubilizes these minerals making them available for uptake by the plants and opening up the soil. If you've ever made a volcano for your child's school project and poured vinegar over baking soda, you've seen a similar chemical reaction.

Does exiGrow use hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, or citric acid?

No. Acids like hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, and citric acid will have a similar reaction with the alkalinity in your soil. However, at low pH, these acids will also kill your plants and are dangerous to you and your pets, and at higher pH, they won’t be effective. The exiGrow primary active ingredient is a patented acid replacement that has the power of 0pH but is 100% safe for you and your plants--even at the full concentrate. exiGrow also includes natural wetting agents and surfactants that help to spread the solution and water through the soil. Since 2006, growers and professional groundskeepers have been using the solution since nothing is more powerful and safe at dissolving hardened mineral salts blocking your soil.

What golf courses use exiGrow?

Some of the golf courses that have been using the commercial version, called Eximo, since about 2006, include: Riverside, Soldier Hollow, Wasatch, Promontory Ranch, Sleepy Hollow, South Mountain, Smyrna, Wildfire, Phoenixville, Rolling Hills, Overbrook, Seminole, The Legends, Valhalla, Haulalai, and Seminole. In fact, the PGA-owned Valhalla Golf Club in Kentucky, also instructs superintendents of other golf courses to use Eximo as part of their golf course management program.

How can so little exiGrow cover so much area?

At the 1oz setting, each ounce of concentrate should cover up to 500 sqft (a 32oz bottle will treat up to 16,000 sqft). We recommend two applications in the first month in consecutive weeks followed by about monthly applications during your growing season as needed. 

When would I apply your product on tall fescue?  Each time I fertilize?

How much you should use depends on the condition of your soil, i.e., the extent of compaction due to the hardened minerals or clay. Generally, we recommend treating the soil at least once each month during your growing season. Your first application and/or during the driest period of summer, you may want to do a double dose.  

Are there third-party reviews anywhere?  I googled you and nothing came up.

The exiGrow solution has been available commercially for about 15 years, but we’ve just begun to offer it for home use. You should find information about the commercial version called Eximo. 

Does exiGrow replace the need to lime, and does it include a surfactant?

exiGrow uses the same formulation as Eximo and can replace lime and other acid soil treatments. The solution is based on a patented acid replacement technology that gives you the low pH benefits without the harmful effects, e.g., corrosiveness. Farmers use the solution around the base of their fruit trees in the orchard and other crops instead of sulphuric acid since the exiGrow solution won’t harm the plants. exiGrow also includes a natural wetting agent to help spread it and water and nutrients through the soil. 

What our Pros and Homeowners are Saying ...

One application 4 weeks ago today. Only one application of fertilizer 6 weeks ago. Greenest lawn in the neighborhood.
— David, CO
Colorado exiGrow customer experience.png
We use the solution to make both pro and junior league sports fields playable sooner when rain outs are a problem by breaking up the bicarbonate bonding in the top inch of the soil surface.
— Paul, TX
We saw a great color response on our greens after only one application.
— Gary Cudney, Odessa, TX Superintendent
I’ve spent years watering this stuff onto greens as a golf course maintenance grub. Yes it works
— Jae, WY
So far I’m impressed. I will be buying more. Going to use it all winter well into spring before planting.
— Seth, CA
This product is amazing! It changed our yard into a beautiful green lawn. We had brown patches that we could not get rid of. We had tried everything. This was a last effort and we didn’t really expect it to work but it did! We have already ordered more!
— K. Kirby, TX
this stuff really works my lawn really looks beautiful
— W. Gamble, UT
I wish I had taken before and after photos. I have three spots in my front yard that go brown every summer. It doesn’t matter how much I water and fertilize it. I took a chance on TruGrow and couldn’t be happier. I noticed a difference in two days! I am now a week into and the results are incredible! I’m still shocked!!
— S. Ringger, UT
I stumbled upon this and I have been shocked... this stuff has made a major difference in my yard, I’m amazed!
— D. Makin, UT
My lawn has never looked better!
— Emily, UT
Ok i now see a difference. It doesn’t happen overnight. I applied half the lawn and about three weeks later it IS greener. I’ll mow and take pictures.
— M. Hall, CA
Works like a champ!
— Matt K., IL
I applied this 2 weeks ago. So far my grass is back green where it had turned brown and the patchy spots are going away. My yard is looking pretty good. Can’t wait to reapply in early spring.
— Tamica C., MO
I have noticed that areas that were lacking and lacking grass last year have filled in more and I haven’t used it this year yet. I used it about 3 times before the end of last year. I need to start using this year.
— Thomas, NJ
Great stuff my lawn has never looked so good!
— Linda, TX
My husband mocked me when I bought it, laughed when I applied it and is singing out the other side of his mouth now. It has tons of new growth and I am very pleased with the results. I did apply heavy, set to 8 on the sprayer and watered immediately after. I have half the bottle left and I am going to apply to the bad spots again. I think it’s amazing and worked just as advertised for me.
— Mary, UT
Heavy accumulation of mineral salts killed the fairways and looked like snow. One application per week over 3 weeks helped to dramatically improve color and coverage.
— Seminole Golf Club, FL
I tried this product this year and my lawn has never looked so good.
— Kenny, UT
Seminole grass pix.png

Seminole Golf Course, FL

“Heavy accumulation of mineral salts killed the fairways and looked like snow. One application per week over 3 weeks helped to dramatically improve color and coverage.”

We have noticed better turf color, thickness, and overall health from traditional acid methods we’ve tried, and we use less water and have fewer dry spots.
— Curtis Hirache, SLC, UT Superintendent
Eximo has proven itself to be a top performer among soil amendment products. Our experience has shown it to be an economical tool and a valuable asset in extremely challenging situations.
— Rob Cleer, Florida GC Superintendent
Undeniably works I got mine a few weeks ago, and what a difference!
— Shay, TX
Love the product! Thank you!
— Ammon, NV
Customer exiGrow experience in NV
Worked for me
— Ab, TX
😁 If only there was a weed killer that worked as well.
Wow, truSpring!!! My grass is looking great. Good stuff. I think the problem with our soil in NC is because of the fly ash from coal burning electric plants changing the pH and causing the topsoil to be compacted in this area but Exigrow is correcting the problems.
— Derrick, NC
I live in San Antonio and used it last summer. I definitely noticed a difference. I need more.
— Robert, TX
Bought it, used it, and it worked awesome!
— Matthew N., MI
About a week after the second application, my yellow areas started turning green. My trouble area is still troubled, but I’m starting to see small green blades popping up. I’m convinced enough that I’ll be buying the three pack and starting early next spring.
— Dale M., FL
— Jim W., IN
Hello : I was skeptical about trying this product, but went ahead and purchased the 3 bottle pack and the ortho hose sprayer, I received my delivery promptly and applied the product, I have pretty high content clay soil here in Pennsylvania, after about 5 days I mowed my lawn and in the next few days we had some rain I was sitting out back and noticed that my grass looked much darker green and healthy before treatment my grass color was fading to a yellowish green, a few hours later when my wife arrived home from work she came out back and the first thing she said was wow look at are grass it looks great, she really never comments on it, I am convinced that this product has worked for me
— Robert D., TX
I would put this on even if my soil was close to perfect.
— James D.
“I started using truSpring in May on an area of my yard that has been an issue for 10 years. I live at 8,500 feet in Colorado and the dirt is shallow and compacted. The first picture is before using truSpring. I have done three applications. Great results!” —  Tim, CO

“I started using truSpring in May on an area of my yard that has been an issue for 10 years. I live at 8,500 feet in Colorado and the dirt is shallow and compacted. The first picture is before using truSpring. I have done three applications. Great results!” — Tim, CO

Ok it worked! FB has a lot of critics as you can see. Things that are new to people they tend to post doubting messages. I did half my lawn which is clay based soil under thin layer of top soil. I hit it every year with gypsum with the hopes of breaking up the clay. So your product works but it’s not an instant overnight change which I think most people are thinking.

People expect an instant miracle. Doesn’t work that way. Any plant life takes weeks to respond to any application. Glad I could help. My soil is clay by the way. Greened up nicely and the other half I didn’t apply is yellowed and struggling.
— Matthew H.
I guess I’m one of the lucky ones? I have HEAVY clay soil. I’ve been struggling to get the grass to grow in a section of my yard. The rest of the yard does ok with a few yellow and dry areas. I bought one bottle to test. I used half the bottle on the first treatment. The rest on a second treatment one month later. The first thing I did was pour a little right from the bottle on the exposed ground. It did indeed foam up like the video. After the first application, I noticed my trouble area was not much better. However the healthy areas were doing far better, color was nice and green and the “good” grass was growing great. About a week after the second application, my yellow areas started turning green. My trouble area is still troubled, but I’m starting to see small green blades popping up. I’m convinced enough that I’ll be buying the three pack and starting early next spring.
— Dale M.
This freakin’ thing really works. It pisses me off that I have to mow my lawn twice a week now. It’s a bad thing but it’s a good thing.
— Rolando C.
It’s working for my lawn there wasn’t a green blade of grass on this patch of soil look at how it’s grown back and it’s almost all filled in and greener, there was only yellow grass when I purchased the place.
— Juan M.
Didn’t know how this was going to work or if it would work for my lawn but it did. We had a brutal summer with temperatures at 100 degrees or near that for weeks and I was having to water almost everyday. My lawn was taking it on the chin from the heat as well as the pocket book and water trying to get into hard, clay soil that runs through my yard. I saw your ad and thought, why not give it a try. I am so glad I did and I have recommended your product to my son and want to use this at my second home as well since my lawn came alive and I was able to cut back the watering to 3 times a week and the grass is so green, neighbors have commented on how nice it looks.

Thank you for such a fine product that does what it advertises. I will be a return customer from now on. Anyone wondering if this really works, it does and you won’t regret buying it. 
— Jim & Valerie B.
Your product is wonderful. It seems to have solved my lawn problem. No more dry spots and the grass has greened up so well. I am looking forward to next season to see if the magic continues.
— Lynn S.
Have only done two applications and the lawn looks greener already!  Great product!
— Sally G.
The difference is AMAZING between mine and my neighbor’s grass.
— Nicole M.
Love the way it makes my yard look. It’s so easy to spray on… And none of those plugs.
— Mary, UT
Wow! Very impressive.
— Kelly S., TX
We live at an elevation of 7500 ft. I have only had time to use 1 bottle of your product before the growing season wound down. In that short time, I certainly did notice a difference in the lawn. It was certainly greener and I plan to start using your product next May for the growing season.
— Charles B.
WOW, I am impressed with your customer service. I will continue to use your product and will be ordering more soon. Thanks again for prompt and informative response.
— Richard
So far extremely happy with my purchase used one bottle on the front yard that had major problems this summer it now looks amazing! thank you! will be purchasing again.
— Susan N.
For years I have had a couple of dry spots in our lawn that just wouldn’t go away. This year, another one surfaced so I tried your product. The first two feedings didn’t seem to do too well, but after that, all the spots went away and have stayed away. I liked it so much that I gave the balance of my bottle to a neighbor who had a similar problem. I will probably be trying some next year as well.
— John L.
We had sewer replacement work done and our yard was packed very hard with heavy equipment.  We saw your ad for your product and decided to try it.  We only had time to use it twice and it has really got the new grass growing.  We plan on using your product during next years growing season.
— Roger
Used this on my lawn for the first time about a month ago and already I’ve noticed an improvement in color and if I didn’t know better my lawn even looks thicker as some of the bare spots have filled in. Hope this continues to improve. Good product. Thanks,
— Rick
The promised shipment of 2 bottles arrived today. Thank you for your excellent customer service!
— David R.
TruSpring is a good thing.
— Billie Marie
Great product. It works for me
— Darby, TX
Thumbs up!
— jjgolfs
Hello friends,
I took a chance and applied your product on my lawn and I must say that my lawn has never looked so good. I have been constantly fighting brown areas and no matter how much I water these areas never recover. I am sold, thanks for making my life a little more enjoyable.
— Kenny, UT
Yes, no lawn turds!
— Miles, TX

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