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Is exiGrow for me?

How can I know if exiGrow will help my lawn & gardens? 


The problem with your lawn and gardens may be your soil

OK, so you're lawn and gardens don't look good--dull color, patchy, bald, dry areas, especially on slopes, water pooling or running down the gutter. The problem is likely that you have compacted soil that's blocking water, air, and nutrients from being absorbed.

exiGrow solves common lawn problems

How can I know if my soil is the problem?

Soils are different across the country.  exiGrow's primary purpose is to increase absorption in alkaline clay and soil compacted with hardened mineral salts.

  1. Do you have alkaline soil/clay with high pH? Optimal soil pH is about 6.5.
  2. Do you have hard water in your area? 85% of the US has hard water. If you're watering your lawn and gardens with water high in mineral content, these minerals settle in your soil and harden just like the white scale buildup on your shower head if you don't have a water softener. If you live in any of the red or orange areas on this map, you have hard to very hard water. 
  3. Does your area not get a lot of rainfall? Rain is naturally slightly acid, which helps to naturally reduce the impact of alkalinity in soil/clay if it rains frequently. 
  4. Do you use well water? Well water is often high in mineral content (hard).
 Water hardness is an indicator of soil high in hardened mineral salts.

Water hardness is an indicator of soil high in hardened mineral salts.

 exiGrow was formerly known as truGrow

exiGrow was formerly known as truGrow

How can exiGrow help?

exiGrow dissolves hardened minerals and softens clay that clog your soil and block water, air, and nutrients that are essential for strong, healthy roots.

The secret sauce is our proprietary active ingredient Syntech, the world's only patented acid replacement technology that has the power of 0pH but is 100% safe. That's right, unlike any acid with the power of that low pH, exiGrow won't harm you, your pets, or your plants, and exiGrow is 100% biodegradable in 10 days. 

The other ingredients include natural wetting agents that help to spread the solution and water through the blocked soil.