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exiGrow 16oz

exiGrow 16oz

exiGrow 16oz

exiGrow 1 bottle wo background.png
exiGrow 1 bottle wo background.png
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exiGrow 16oz


Repairs up to 11,000 sq.ft. (1/4 acre)

Power of the Pros

Make your grass the other side with the Natural Aeration Technology of the Pros

Your grass isn't green and lush because your soil sucks.

Professional groundskeepers for world-class golf courses, sports stadiums, and luxury resorts don't aerate--they use the truGrow technology.

ExiGrow isn't another fertilizer. Water and fertilizers can’t help your lawn if they can’t be absorbed into hardened soil. ExiGrow gives your lawn healthy soil to grow in by dissolving hardened minerals and loosening clay so your plant roots can absorb water, oxygen, and nutrients and grow deep and thick.


  • Same pro-grade solution used by the finest golf courses, stadiums, and resorts

  • Dissolves and releases hardened minerals

  • Loosens clay

  • Prevents snow mold

  • Each 16 fl.oz. bottle treats up to 11,000 sq.ft.


  • Attach the ready-to-use sprayer to your hose and spray on your lawn & garden.

  • Apply monthly during your growing season


  • Certified safe for your plants, pets, and people

  • 100% natural, biodegradable solution

Saves you time and money:

  • no messy mechanical aeration

  • boosts effectiveness of fertilizers--up to 70% of fertilizers are normally wasted

  • use up to 40% less water


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