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Everybody Wants Some!

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dio Naked REVERSIBLE USB cable

Tough, attractive cords go both ways without getting knotty.

Built with premium wiring for up to 2x faster charging!

I can’t believe how awesome your customer service is. I really enjoy your products!
— Alexander
You’re superstars :-)
— Ian
Dear moopti team

I have to say: Wow! What an awesome customer care service!
You find such a good and fast service almost nowhere anymore.

I was already amazed by your Kickstarter and the reward I got. That’s the reason I’m buying even more.
I already told all my friends and family memebrs about your cables and showed them how it looks.
I’m not the only one who’s amazed for sure. :)

Wish you all the best and again, thanks a lot for everything.
If you have anything new on Kickstarter or other projects please let me know.

Best regards
— Kijudai
I just received today the cable.
It works great.
Continue the good work.
— Alexandros
Guess what I got in the mail today? I LOVE IT! Thanks for creating such awesome product.
— Gerry
Just a short note to let you know that I have safely received the charging cable and it is everything that I have expected it to be and more! Thank you very much for creating this for us and I will look forward to more cool stuff from you. As the Koreans say: “Daebak!” which means “Awesome!” in English. Cheers!
— Kenneth
Thanks for having such great customer service!
— Khrysey
Received and very happy, thank you!
— Djerk
Super charging is really working for me.
— AJ
Got mine today, love it!
— Dana
just got mine in the mail! love ‘em - was glad to be able to support this project. thanks moopti!
— Chris
Thank you, my first batch arrived yesterday and they are great! The first time plugging in the reversible USB is quite magical. Best -
— Mike
Thank you very much. The cables look fantastic.
— Robert
I just received my cables today, they are fantastic
thank you so much
— Ian
Got mine on Friday and using it all weekend. Nice long cable for me.
— Jim
I received my charger earlier today and was so glad. The 10ft cable has been awesome and perfect. You guys rock!
— Nima
Got my 10 ft cables. They are so frickin awesome!
— Joey
I would doubt you, but 12% to 96% in 30 minutes... Wow... Didn’t expect it to charge THAT fast.
— John
I started using moopti charger today, and I really like it.
— Luis
I just got my cable. It was Worth the wait! It’s a great product.
— Howard
This product is a great investment to make for those who are tired of tangled cords, trying to plug in cables, and slow charging time. The charging time is astonishing. I would highly recommend this product for anyone looking for a well made and designed cable.
— Tech Therapy
Loving these dio reversible USB cables. Well built and SO handy. All USB cables should be this awesome.
— @MillionModelsUK
Nice!!! Can’t wait.
— Miles
Looks beautiful. When is it available?
— Cami
Why hasn’t USB always been reversible? So simple.
— Syd