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Dissolves hard water minerals that clog your soil and block water, air, and nutrients.
My lawn has never looked better!
— Emily, Utah
I bought this 2 months ago, and my yard has come alive! I’ve lived in my house 4 years and the grass has always been sparse and yellowish. It’s finally filling in and started to green up after the first month. And.. we cut our water time in half!
— A. Terry
I stumbled upon this and I have been shocked... this stuff has made a major difference in my yard, I’m amazed!
— D. Makin
This product is amazing! It changed our yard into a beautiful green lawn. We had brown patches that we could not get rid of. We had tried everything. This was a last ed effort and we didn’t really expect it to work but it did! We have already ordered more!
— K. Kirby
I wish I had taken before and after photos. I have three spots in my front yard that go brown every summer. It doesn’t matter how much I water and fertilize it. I took a chance on TruGrow and couldn’t be happier. I noticed a difference in two days! I am now a week into and the results are incredible! I’m still shocked!!
— S. Ringger
this stuff really works my lawn really looks beautiful
— W. Gamble

exiGrow 1 Pack (repairs up to 1/4 acre)
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Each 16 fl.oz. bottle repairs up to 11,000 sq.ft. of your lawn and gardens (that's 2 applications for the average size yard)!


Need more exiGrow? 

Get huge discounts on 1 gallon and 2.5 gallon jugs. Contact for even bigger discounts on higher volume.

exiGrow 1 gallon - 47% OFF!
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How do you apply exiGrow?

Use any standard sprayer with dosage setting of 1oz.

Need a sprayer? This Ortho sprayer is great for applying all your lawn products and washing your car, dog, etc.

exiGrow Ortho Reusable Sprayer
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We want you to be a happy customer for life so please let us know what you love and what we can do better. (See Terms & Conditions for more information). Enjoy!


exiGrow dissolves hardened minerals and softens clay that clog your soil and block water, air, and nutrients that are essential for strong, healthy roots. (Note: this is a demonstration using full concentrate; a standard diluted application will be more subtle beneath the surface.)

Use what the pros use

Same advanced technology used by professional groundskeepers on the best golf courses, sports stadiums, and resorts worldwide.

"Vital to how I keep my turf healthy."  - Lance Larson, Wasatch Park Golf

Solves common problems

- Patchy lawn

- Dry sections--especially on slopes

- Water pooling or running down gutters

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Only weeks until awesome lawn

exiGrow restores healthy soil to grow thick, lush lawn. Repair patchy, dull, matted grass and avoid water pooling and running down the gutter. 

Water and fertilizer can't help your lawn if they can't be absorbed into hardened soil. Reduce your water and fertilizer use up to 50%.


"The difference is AMAZING between mine and my neighbor's grass." - Nicole

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No more messy aeration

Mechanical aeration is a temporary fix only. The same problems that aeration relieves return when the plugs fill in. In addition, aeration doesn't release the hardened, trapped nutrients in the soil for the benefit of your lawn. Only exiGrow restores your healthy soil. Truly.


"Yes, no lawn turds!" - Miles, TX


Just spray on your lawn and garden each month during the growing season (4-6 months, depending on where you live), and exiGrow will give your plants the fertile soil they crave to be healthy.

“Love the way it makes my yard look. It’s so easy to spray on… And none of those plugs.” - Mary, UT


exiGrow's natural solution is certified safe for plants, pets, people, and the planet.

All-natural ingredients include: 27% Palm Methyl Esters, 5% Coconut Oil Fatty Acids, and 68% inert ingredients, which includes our patented solution Terranex that is NSF, CleanIngredients, and GreenCircle certified and HMIS triple 0 rated safe.

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Put more green in your lawn AND in your wallet. 

Using exiGrow will reduce your water use up to 40% and fertilizer use up to 70%

By dissolving the hardened minerals blocking your soil, water and nutrients are absorbed into the soil rather than running down the gutter. 

"I saved over $265 by not wasting water and fertilizer after using exiGrow." - Kim, TN


What's the secret?


ExiGrow contains the proprietary active ingredient Terranex, an ALL-NATURAL blend of organic compounds that helps your grass grow in the fertile soil nature intended.

Look for Terranex in many earth-friendly products that help you accomplish your daily tasks simply, powerfully, and safely. It’s too good to not be true.

Need to purchase larger quantities?

Get bigger discounts on 1 gallon and 2.5 gallon jugs.

For even more at bigger discounts, contact


We want you to be a happy customer for life so please let us know what you love and what we can do better. (See Terms & Conditions for more information). Enjoy!

How do I apply exiGrow?

Pour the amount of exiGrow you want to apply into the tank of most any standard hose-end sprayer, set the dosage to 1oz/gallon, and lightly spray on lawn and gardens. Apply a double dose for first application and where your soil is severely compacted. (NOTE: don't apply exiGrow in direct sunlight to avoid evaporation before immediately soaking in with a 2 minute sprinkler cycle.)


How does exiGrow work?

The main ingredient that we call Terranex is a patented natural acid replacement. The chemistry of how this loosens your soil is pretty basic. Hardened alkaline minerals compact your soil and block the water, air, and nutrients. exiGrow safely solubilizes these minerals making them available for uptake by the plants and opening up the soil. If you've ever made a volcano for your child's school project and poured vinegar over baking soda, you've seen a similar chemical reaction.

Do I still need to aerate?

No! ExiGrow replaces and enhances aeration. No more hours pushing a gigantic machine under the hot sun. Simply attach exiGrow to your hose and spray!

How long has exiGrow been used for soil treatment?

Professional groundskeepers for PGA golf courses and sports stadiums have been using our natural solutions for many years. As a matter of fact, the PGA recommends the exiGrow technology (our commercial version is called Eximo) to the schools teaching its groundskeepers training program.

Will I still need to water and add fertilizer to my lawn?

Not as much or as often! ExiGrow allows all the nutrients your grass needs to get down to the roots, maximizing the effects of water and fertilizer.

Is exiGrow Safe?

The patented natural solution is free of harmful chemicals and is good for people, pets, the planet, and, of course, your plants. You can’t put too much exiGrow on your plants.

How can so little exiGrow cover so much area?

Each 16 oz bottle of concentrate treats up to 11,000 sq.ft. (1/4 acre).  You spray it on your lawn and gardens at a dosage of about 150:1 (150 parts water to one part solution). This requires a dosage setting on your hose-end sprayer of 1oz per gallon. 

Apply once per month during your growing season (about 4 months to 6 months depending on where you live; year round in most southern states). You may want to apply a double dosage for your first application and in the heat of the summer when your ground is driest and hard. 

Do I still need to fertilize and use weed killer?

You should continue to water, fertilize, and control weeds. You should eventually be able to cut watering up to 40% and fertilizing up to 70% since more of both is being absorbed into the soil instead of running down the gutter. BIG SAVINGS!

If I use my own sprayer, what dosage setting do I use?

You can pour exiGrow into any standard lawn and garden sprayer and set the dosage to 1 oz per gallon. 

When would I apply your product on Tall Fescue?  Each time I fertilize?

How much you should use depends on the condition of your soil, i.e., the extent of compaction due to the hardened minerals or clay. Generally, we recommend treating the soil at least once each month during your growing season (4-6 months). Your first application and/or during the driest period of summer, you may want to do a double dose.  

If my lawn is currently struggling to withstand the heat and dollar spot, would this help it survive the summer?

By dissolving the minerals and opening up the soil, exiGrow will help your lawn absorb more water and fertilizers benefiting it especially during the hot, dry summer months.

In the fall, should I put this down with seed and starter fertilizer and water it in all together?  Or should I apply the Exigrow first and let it do it's work for a couple days before laying seed and fertilizer? 

If you’ve been applying exiGrow each month, you could fertilize and seed simultaneously in the fall, but spraying exiGrow ahead will prep the soil. 

Are there third-party reviews anywhere?  I googled you and nothing came up.

The exiGrow solution has been available commercially for about 15 years, but we’ve just begun to offer it for home use. You should find information about the commercial version called Eximo. 

Does exiGrow replace the need to lime, and does it include a surfactant?

exiGrow uses the same formulation as Eximo and can replace lime and other acid soil treatments. The solution is based on a patented acid replacement technology that gives you the low pH benefits without the harmful effects, e.g., corrosiveness. Farmers use the solution around the base of their fruit trees in the orchard and other crops instead of sulphuric acid since the exiGrow solution won’t harm the plants. exiGrow also includes a wetting agent to help move it and water and nutrients through the soil. 

Is exiGrow safe for my food gardens?

exiGrow is definitely safe for your lawn and food gardens. The ingredients are 27% Palm Methyl Esters, 5% Coconut Oil Fatty Acids, and 68% inert ingredients, which includes our patented technology we call Terranex. It is certified HMIS triple 0--no danger to health, flammability, or physical contact--and is 100% biodegradable within 10 days. Farmers have been using our solution for many years.

Is ExiGrow safe to use on St. Augustine grass?  Also, can I still use a weed control product when necessary?

exiGrow is completely safe to use on all types of plants. You should continue to use weed control and fertilizers as usual; however, exiGrow will boost the benefit of fertilizers up to 70% and cut water usage up to 40% because of the more porous soil. 

Have any third-party studies been performed?

Here's a link to a study commissioned by one of our commercial clients, a golf course in Hawaii, to verify the efficacy of our commercial version, Eximo, which is the same formulation as truGrow home version.

For pricing on exiGrow in 1 gallon, 2.5 gallon, or larger volumes, please contact us at Thank you.