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No other soaps, softeners, stain removers, whiteners, brighteners, or dryer sheets needed.

One truSheet ... laundry's complete!
Don't believe it? Get FREE SAMPLES to try for yourself. Just pay shipping.

What are customers saying?

Easiest thing ever. It’s amazing! I love that there’s no waste and no lugging huge bottles from the store.
— Karen Palacios-Jansen, VP, LPGA Teachers & Club Pro Division
My wife freaken loves the sheets.
— Dave, UT
I tried it. It’s amazing!
— Edgardo
These sheets are absolutely incredible and smell great. The ease of use, convenience and money saving of not having to use multiple laundry products is one of my favorite features. Excellent for people who travel frequently and want a flexible, easy and guaranteed excellent wash of their clothes!
— Bryan, IL
I ordered these got them in the mail. I LOVE them! They have a great smell. Make your clothes feel soft and fresh. They are great for travel.
— Terri, OK
Love these sheets. My daughter gave them to me to try and my daughter in law wanted to try them but I only had two so I said I loved the scent so much i couldn’t give my only other one away.
— Lisa
Thank you for your awesome customer service!! Wishing you the best going forward.
— Rebecca
Smells so good and really works!!😀 At first I had some doubts about it, and you proved it to be right! And the shipping on them was so fast!! Great job on this product!! Love it!
— Robin, TN
Thank you so much! Not only do you have a fantastic product, but the integrity with which you operate your company is truly refreshing. It’s the ‘above-and-beyond’ customer service like yours that cinches it for me...I am now your loyal customer for life! :)

Y’all are the best!! Best of luck as you move forward. Please keep your fans informed about any new products you geniuses offer in the future; my family is proud to support your small business!
— Becky, OR
My sciatic nerve has me in great pain Can hardly move Had to do laundry and it was fabulous to not have to lift the big Costco jug and pour Liquid Just the truSheet It was so helpful and easy.
— Mary, UT
I love your good customer service. I hope when you a big and famous you still take the time to listen to your customers. Most businesses these days seem to have a serious lack/concern for customers. It is nice to get such quick responses....and to know there are real people at the other end of an e-mail!!!
— J.K.
all natural i’m excited
— Sue
I love the quality of Good Sheet and the commitment of the team that brings it all to us. I would be thrilled to win a 5-year supply because the products are so environmentally friendly.
— Jerry
I like that the Laundry sheets are All Natural!
— Patricia
Love the product for the cleaning ability.
— LuAnne, OR
Oh my goodness I really really love those sheets the clothes are clean and natural smell and oh my no static !!!! This is sooo wonderful I’m most definitely buying more!
— Toya, TN
I was skeptical that it would work well, but it was very effective and easy to use.
— Michele, ND
My husband loves the sheets!
— Barb, CA
Wow, I didn’t expect an answer on a Sunday night....impressive! They smell wonderful and are so easy and clean. No spilled liquid or powders to hassle with. I am very happy that you are so close to getting up and running. I wish you lots of success with your business. I am planning to be a loyal customer.
— Jewel, PA
These are awesome. Period.
— Becky, OR
Thank are so customer friendly!
— Jewel, PA
This is all I care to use on my laundry! Thank you for making such a unique product. It is effective and much more convenient. You should do well with this business! I will be telling all my family and friends about it!
— Delia, MO
Thank you!
— Lilian, Puerto Rico
We do animal rescue here (mostly kittens), and these are used for the many towels and blankets that we go through in the course of a couple of days. It becomes a “nobrainer” to direct volunteer help to “do laundry” with your sheets, and the kittens deal well with the lack of overwhelming perfumes, that I find in other products.
— Sanford, MI
Awesome, I’m going to buy some from you! I’ve tried them and loved the how easy they are!
— Micah, UT
I love these natural sheets. It is so easy to put them in with the wash and then put them right in the dryer with my clothes. They smell so good and are so easy to use. Makes my laundry job a lot easier. They actually clean and brighten my clothes. I love that they are natural as I try to only use natural products in my home. Thank you for the free sample. Now I know they work and I will be buying some.
— Kimberly, AR
would save a lot of money on the laundry
— Theo, MS
I do like 6 loads a day so I go there a lot of detergent. This is so wonderful because it works so well and the smell is pretty good. I love it it’s so convenient.
— Emily
I do laundry for 7 in my family and this was great because I did not forget to put anything extra in the machine. I would really like to purchase this product in the future. Thank you so much for the sample, wish I could get some to send to my parents. Thanks again for such a great product and good luck to your future.
— Nicole, IL
This is a great product and I will definitely buy more. It is so nice to find a product like this, congratulations for creating these laundry sheets containing everything you need to wash your laundry. Plus the big benefit of saving money.
— Krystina, UT
I really love this product, it’s so easy to use, has everything you need in it, and it’s just a great product all around. It also has a wonderful scent and makes my clothes fresh and soft. I would definitely recommend this.
— Amy, Kentucky
Really liked the overall convenience of the Good Sheet. Saves a tremendous amount of time when doin laundry.
— Judith, NC
I love the simplicity of the good sheet but I would like a slightly stronger and longer lasting scent. Also maybe different scents. I liked it so much I have already ordered more.
— Sharlyne, OK
Hi! Just wanted to say I just received my sample and I am very excited to try it. I will fill out my survey as soon as the load is complete. Is your company on the I have a feeling your product is going to do very well.
— Geri, Iowa
I liked that this product is good for the environment, that it is easy to use, and it smelled good.
— Patricia, GA
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to try your product. I absolutely love it and look forward to using it again.
— Crystal, SC
Amazing especially when doing laundry is easy enough to get kids to help
— Sheryl, WA
It was very nice. Much better & lighter scent than what I’m used to.
— Miranda, Iowa
So easy even a guy can do laundry now!!!
— Lisa, MN
The dryer sheets have an amazing scent to them and im very happy to use them thnk you very much
— Brooke, Maine
I liked it alot...just wish the scent was alittle stronger and nicer😊
— Tammi, TX
I absolutely love that you don’t need multiple products- Just drop a sheet in the washer and don’t worry about adding detergent or fabric softener! Amazing! Smells great, too!
— Tammi, CA
That is such a neat idea of putting the entire laundry product into one sheet. Very economical. 😃
— Taz, NC
Definitely liked your product and I will be buying it.
— Cheryl, OR
I like the size of the sheets are small, no large heavy laundry soap containers taking up all the room in my laundry room:) I also liked that they were not messy:) I didn’t like the smell of the sheets:( i prefer a different scent...
thank you
— Darlene, CT
These are the best sheets I have ever used! They’re thick, pleasantly scented and natural. It helped with stains, static and made my clothes smell fresh for days! Thank you so much for allowing me to sample, you just got a new customer!
— Aimee, IN
Loved how my whites came out brighter and not using all these chemicals is great. Hope 5 meant well liked.
— Catherine, PA
great product
— skehs, NY
LOVE the smell💚
— Jan, Michigan
I was sceptical at first but after the first load I washed I knew I had found a WINNER! Thank you so much.
— Antoinette
I do laundry every day because I take care of my 82 yo father. He has to wear depends so it’s nice to give him fresh, great smelling clothes!
— Gaylen, Oklahoma
The sheet cleaned very well on average soiled clothing. Softening was average also but hard to tell because I used it when “static cling” season was about over. The scent really doesn’t last long.
— Pam, Illinois
Thank you. Love your product!!!
— Renee, NY
I was pleasantly surprized by the Good Sheet Product sample. It met all my expectations I want in a Laundry product. I loved the smell my laundry had.
— walkingdeer1, Illinois
Love this product, cleans as well as other laundry products but without any hassle. Using it is a breeze, love love love it!!
— Mona, North Carolina
Easy Peasy-love it!
— Karen, Texas
Thank you so much, this product made laundry so much easier...I pray I win a 2 year supply :) PLEASE, I NEVER win ANYTHING :(
— Virginia, Massachusetts
I love these sheets and think they are such a great idea. I have been trying to make people aware of how toxic the potassium and other chemicals in our soaps and detergents are for the environment since the 1980s. I fear that people will be put off initially by the price of these sheets, since the economy being what it is and other detergents being much less expensive seemingly. I hope consumers are able to embrace your product and make it a success. Thanks for the sample and for your contribution.
— Mike, NY
— Natasha, Texas
Amazing how the sheet worked. I really didn’t believe it at first - all in one? No way, I thought but I was really surprised. I didn’t use the worst load, because of my lack of belief, but great job regardless.
— Vera
I love the free sample, thank you very much and I do love the scent.
— Wayne
So easy not having to purchase multiple laundry detergent items.
— Trina
These smell AMAZING ! I love that fragrance, please stick with it. I have passed word along to several of my friends about how Great these little sheets work. I have shared your product on both Facebook and Twitter. Please let me know when these are available and where I can purchase them.
If I were to win the 2-year supply I would pass some of them out in hopes of helping you grow your product. Good Luck! Thank you for allowing me to try a free sample.
— Jessica
I like the spring time scent takes me back to my childhood.
— Martine
I wanted to share a great success story. Shared a sample pack with a colleague’s wife. She was uber-skeptical at the product promises but tried it anyway. Ringing endorsement!!! She loves them. And while the convenience factor was great, she especially loved the safety promises - both human and environmental. Just to add to it my wife is using them regularly and loves them.

This stuff works.
— Paul
i don’t care for the scent at all:( super easy to use though:)
— Vel
good product
Thank you for the sample. I really enjoyed using them. I also loved the scent, not too overwhelming. I cut the sheet in half for smaller loads. I was surprised how much detergent one sheet contained.
— Maria
Smells awesome!
— Daksha
I was pleasantly surprised with the performance of the Good Sheet! My clothes were so soft and static free. I will be sharing this with my family and friends!
— Catherine
Amazing product ... and LOVED the envelope!!! LOL
— mhsrebmom57
I really liked this product. There isn’t anything like it. Thanks very much for the sample.
— hs24
I really liked it and it smelled really fresh.
This stuff smells awesome!
they smell good leave clothes fresh
These sheets smell wonderful and I would love to purchase some.
They smell amazing and work great for static!
I loved the sample. I just wish the scent lasted longer.
i loved them they were so easy to use smelled wonderful and left my clothes smelling clean just out of the dryer clean love it can not wait to buy it
— Marie
— Maria
So easy and really effective!!
— Blanche
So convenient!
— Susan
As a single Dad, anything which can make the household run smoother is always welcome..:-)
— David
That is some real good sheet!
— Shawn
So far I’ve done some mens white shirts & was so impressed that the collars came clean! I can’t wait to try it on baseball pants with grass stains & dirt!
— Rachelle
It did not disappoint! Towels are soft and no static cling.....nice smell, too. I’m so impressed :)
— Tag
Sheets, check! Make-up stain out, check! It works great - that’s amazing. I’m using the last one on a load of towels. Way to go you guys!!
— Michelle
— Lizzy
I love it, love it!
— Alice
Loved the samples. Where can I get more?
— Denise
Wow, incredibly simple and really works. I have to admit that I doubted. Can’t wait to get more. Good luck.
— Holly
You’re superstars :-)
— Ian
I can’t believe how awesome your customer service is. I really enjoy your products!
— Alexander
Thanks for having such great customer service!
— Khrysey

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe for septic systems?

Yes, the truSheet is definitely safe for your septic system--it has very low COD and almost no BOD. It is fully biodegradable and does not contain harsh chemicals found in regular detergents such as nonylphenol ethoxylate surfactants or montmorillonite fillers that can contaminate and clog the soil and interfere with septic tank performance.