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Is it safe for my septic system?

Yes, the truSheet is definitely safe for your septic system--it has very low COD and almost no BOD. It is fully biodegradable and does not contain harsh chemicals found in regular detergents such as nonylphenol ethoxylate surfactants or montmorillonite fillers that can contaminate and clog the soil and interfere with septic tank performance.

Will the truSheet keep my washer from smelling funky?

Yes, the truSheet antibacterial solution constantly cleans and disinfects your washer with each load. If your washer needs a concentrated cleaning, run a "clean" or "heavy" cycle at high temperature with up to four Sheets.

Hi there! Are these effective and safe for cloth diapers? Thanks!

The truSheet is absolutely safe for cloth diapers—much safer and more effective than regular detergents since the patented natural formulation kills all bacteria, keeps the fabric fibers clear, and retreats the fabric to prevent odor-causing bacteria. The fully biodegradable formulation only includes purified water, renewable sourced surfactants, organic stabilizers, natural sequestering agents and enzymes, and essential oils for fragrance. 

Can I use truSheet in my front-load machine?

Yes, truSheet is safe for use in all machines, including HE or High-Efficiency machines. 

My laundry smells and feels clean, but can you increase the smell like with scent boosters?

I also love when my bath towel still has the floral smell after a week of use. We could have infused the truSheet with scent boosters similar to the popular products people like to add to their wash; however, these are definitely not eco friendly, healthy, or good for your fabrics. If you just insist on having that lingering scent, you can certainly continue to add the scent boosters to your wash along with the truSheet. You'll still be able to simplify laundry day by replacing all other products and you'll avoid all the other toxic chemicals. Note that scent boosters work by melting the fragrant wax beads in the wash and coating your fabrics. These are especially not recommended for towels and other wicking fabrics such as your activewear. The wax clogs the fibers and trap odor-causing bacteria. Yuck!